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Opus Medicus Makes Available Online Its Medical Image Library and Knowledge Sharing Service

July 26, 2011

Furthering its mission of harnessing information technology to promote public health, Opus Medicus has made available online its Medical Image Library and Knowledge Sharing Service. Together, these offerings provide a valuable reference resource and service for organizations and physicians.

The Medical Image Library is a collection of hundreds of high quality clinical images with associated descriptive information. These high resolution images, which include numerous rare conditions, can be viewed at no charge by any Internet user on PCs, MACs, tablets, and smart phones. Each image has associated descriptive information. Users can search the library for images with specific attributes. Users can also participate in a peer rating/review process on the images. To enable viewing of the high resolution detail in these images, Opus Medicus has also made available its OpusZoom® Magnifier, a patented, in-context, high resolution, networked image viewer. With the OpusZoom® Magnifier, all the features of the images can be appreciated, even on small mobile devices.

In addition to the Medical Image Library, Opus Medicus has made available online its powerful Knowledge Sharing Service. Used by leading teaching institutions such as Harvard Medical School, the Knowledge Sharing Service enables individual physicians or organizations to establish their own, private image collections and manage their images on the secure Opus Medicus computing cloud, fully backed up and access-controlled. Distribution of the images in these collections can be restricted as designated by the collection owner, including secure image sharing with colleagues and organization members. Collection owners and authorized users can search the collections using Opus Medicus' powerful search engine. For teaching collections, organizations can borrow publicly-accessible images from the Medical Image Library to complete their own image collections for the benefit of their students. Opus Medicus also enables physicians to establish personal image collections (free for up to 25 images). Users can increase their storage quota beyond 25 for a nominal non-recurring fee offsetting the physical storage and data management costs. Setting up a collection is very simple and only takes a few minutes (see Create Document/Image Collection).

About Opus Medicus

Opus Medicus was founded on the singular vision of harnessing information technology to promote public health. The pillars of this vision are our online Continuing Medical Education (CME) Courses, our Medical Image Library, and our Knowledge Sharing Service. Together these provide invaluable resources and tools for physicians and healthcare organizations.

In Continuing Medical Education (CME), Opus Medicus is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). This accreditation authorizes us to award AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ to physicians who complete our courses. In the current demanding environment for physicians' time and rapidly expanding information era, our offerings provide ready access to up-to-date information translatable into enhanced physician performance and patient outcomes. We utilize leading-edge technologies and leverage the capabilities of the Internet to deliver CME courses by leading physicians, scientists, and educators to physicians worldwide at a time and place of their choosing.

Our CME courses are designed to provide interactive learning experiences with the aim of expanding awareness and knowledge of disease presentation, pathophysiology, methods and criteria for diagnosis, and best practices. Courses address Maintenance of Certification (MOC) areas (medical knowledge, patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, practice-based learning and improvement, professionalism, and systems-based practice). Physicians are afforded a premier CME learning experience. This includes advanced, scientifically-sound, and objective course content free of commercial bias, incorporating premier course delivery, convenience, and diligent course evaluation analysis. Our course directors and education and advisory board members are at the top of their fields.

Our Medical Image Library is a valuable, free reference resource for physicians. The library contains hundreds of high quality images, including numerous rare conditions. Physicians can use our powerful search engine to search the library.

Our Knowledge Sharing Service and OpusShare® secure document/image sharing and transfer service allow individuals or groups to establish private document and image collections for their own use and for sharing with colleagues.

Our unique technology includes our patented OpusZoom® Magnifier, a high-resolution image viewing software product for websites used in our online CME course delivery, Medical Image Library, Knowledge Sharing Service, and OpusShare® secure document/image sharing and transfer service.

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